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Utilizing Iron Sleek's proven product, allow us to custom build an ice rink in your backyard

From simple to elaborate, WJ Smallwood Landscaping provides backyard ice rinks to meet your every need. We offer basic rinks with 10" boards all the way up to official size poly boards and everything in-between. Our rinks are all custom sized so we can fit in to the smallest of spaces up to the grandest of spaces.

We also offer chiller systems allowing you to enjoy skating when temps are below 50 degrees.

A level yard allows more flexibility as to what we can do but your yard need not be level to have an ice rink. Call us today at (603) 235-4851 to discuss the many options we have available!

We also provide synthetic ice and indoor rink set ups for the year round enthusiast that just can't get enough skating and hockey in their lives.
It was hard to get my older son off the rink. It was amazing to see how much he improved this year. More importantly, it was great to see the passion he developed for playing hockey and he wasn't on electronics!
Carl (a proud dad and backyard rink client of ours)
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